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About the Instructors

All instructors of the I.F.C.M.A. are certified black belt teachers who have participated in an active program of intensified Martial Arts training and teaching preparation. The instructors are all under the personal guidance of Grandmaster, and are required to participate in regular seminars and clinics to continually enhance their productivity and worth as competent teachers. All instructors use the latest video equipment to make visual learning concepts available to their students through the use of tapes of various forms and techniques.

The I.F.C.M.A. can claim among its ranks of instructors, both National and International level champions as well as several Regional champions. These instructors bring to classes a tradition of more than 300 years of Martial Arts Techniques, and a culture exchange that began more than 1000 years ago.

About the Training

Training in the martial arts is designed to cultivate and stimulate increased physical prowess, cardiovascular enrichment, self defense, sport, Asian culture, and an overall condition of Homeostasis (Complete unity if body health). The proper study of the martial arts serves to give students a feeling of self confidence based upon individual accomplishments rather than team victory or defeat of an opponent. Martial arts training can be entered into a very young age, and it is very common to see young children studying the martial arts, as well as being dazzled by the feats of students who are in their sixties or seventies. Discipline and structure are the key words in our schools. Students are taught to be mannered, respectful contributors to their communities.


IFCMA Masters & Black Sash




Master Judie Martin (Liang, Fei Zhi )

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Master Judie Martin is a student of Fukien Invincible White Crane Chinese martial arts. She has studied directly under the tutelage of Grandmaster  S. L. Martin since 1988.  She has been the outstanding female competitor for the International Federation of Chinese Martial Arts organization for 21 consecutive years, and was the reigning top rated forms and weapons competitor in the United Martial Arts Referees Association sanctioned events from 1992 to 2008. 

Additional studies include Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Southern Shaolin, Seven Star Praying Mantis and White Crane Chi Kung. 

Master Martin has also accompanied her teacher on nine trips to Taiwan, R.O.C. for personal study with White Crane Grandmasters.  She is also one of the leading talents on the prestigious Green Dragon Chinese Martial Arts School’s International Exhibition Team.  She is the director of the Green Dragon Exhibition Team, and a member and performer of the Taiwan Lion Dance Team.

Master Martin was appointed “Martial Arts Coach ” for the Taichung Tang Shou - Dao Shyue Dao Kwang Association, by Grandmaster Hung Wen Hsueh in July 2006. Master Martin is the Senior White Crane Disciple to Grandmaster S. L. Martin.  In 2011 she was appointed as the United States Kuo Shu Federation (U.S.K.S.F.) Director of Light Contact and Southern Shaolin. In 2017 she was inducted into the USKSF Hall of Fame.

A graduate of the College of New Jersey, formally Trenton State College, she is certified in elementary education, special education and pre school handicapped.  She is currently employed by the Bordentown Regional School District where she has served as a special education teacher since 1985.  




Master Darryl R. Comeaux (Zhuo, Zhong-Bing  )

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Branch Chief of The Elusive Dragon school located in Blythe, California.  Master Comeaux is actively engaged in promoting professional quality martial arts instruction. The school is active in various Martial Arts networking ventures, Tournament Circuits and hosts seminars, tournaments and demonstrations in efforts to showcase the values and beauty of the Ching Lung Kuoshu system. 

Master Comeaux began his training in 1968 in Shotokan Karate and various schools in and around the Los Angeles, California area. 

 In 1975 he studied Tai Mantis from a student of Kam Yuen for one year.  In 1977 he enrolled in Tracy’s Karate and in Hapkido classes held at Lincoln high School.

He graduated from Lincoln High School in Stockton, California in 1978 and enlisted into the United States Air Force and studied Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do From James Fields at Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota until 1980.   In 1980 he transferred to Ramstein Air Base Germany and continued training in Moo Duk Kwan under Cephus Addison and competed as an Armed Forces Team Member for two consecutive years.

In 1982 he relocated to Del Rio Texas (Laughlin Air Force Base) and trained in Okinawa Motaba Ryu and Chinese Kenpo under Ron Nix attaining Sho Dan in both systems. He has studied U.S. A. Goju Ryu under Jan Brown. Began competing in black belt divisions throughout the region six areas.   

In 1984 he returned to Germany and began training with Frankie Dow (First U.S. Ching Lung Black Belt promoted by Grandmaster S. L. Martin) and opened a branch school in Zwiebrucken West Germany and officially named, Eight Chambers of Shaolin.  he was also selected as a Member of the U. S. Armed Forces Team Europe.  In 1986 he received Instructor Certification under Master Frankie Dow and promoted to 2nd dan.

In 1988 he Competed as an Armed Forces Team Member Europe in the 1st Martial Arts World Championships held in Carnten Austria. 

In 1997 he was accepted as a Student of Grand master S. L. Martin, and became an official member of the International Federation of Chinese Martial Arts and was officially promoted to the rank of second-degree black belt by Grand master S. L. Martin. He was he was promoted to Third degree black belt in 2004 and in 2005 was promoted to Fourth degree black belt by Grandmaster S. L. Martin and in 2015 was promoted to 5th Degree.  During 2006 he accompanied Grandmaster Martin to Taiwan and was appointment as was appointed Martial Arts Coach for the Taichung Tang Shou - Dao Shyue Dao Kwang Association>, Taiwan ROC.  

In September 2007, Master Comeaux was officially confirmed by Grandmaster S. L. Martin as one of his four disciples and given the Chinese name of “Zhuo Zhong Bing” Meaning Prominent and Loyal Soldier. 



Master M.D. Tunney

IMG_3108.JPG (813763 bytes)

Master M.D. Tunney started his training in February 11, 1971 with the Green Dragon Martial Arts School then located at the base gym on McGuire AFB, NJ. He was promoted to Black Sash on August 18, 1975.

In 1982 the "Dragon's Shadow Kwan" was formed in Washington, DC.. Master Tunney is currently ranked as a 7th degree black belt with the IFCMA and Ching Lung Kuo Shu. He has accumulated numerous awards and certifications in the martial arts world setting milestones for those who followed.

Master Tunney has been residing in the DC metro area for more than 30 years.  He and his wife of 25 yeatrs have three children and one grandchild.  He has been self employed since 1984 having owned 2 businesses including 1 corporation. He has also served honorably in the U.S.A.F. and other government agencies.

Master Tunney also was on the scene in the very early stages of the United Martial Arts Referees Association, NJ Martial Arts Practitioners, MD and Garden State Black Belt Association, NJ. He has served as an At-Large director in U.M.A.R.A., and is a certifeid Class A Referee.  Master Tunney has accompanied Grandmaster S. L. Martin to Taiwan on a cultural trip in 1992.




Master Glenn Sheridan (Zhēn, Jiāo-Bāng 甄交邦)

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Master Glenn Sheridan began his martial arts training in 1971 and has studied exclusively Ching Lung Kuoshu with Grandmaster S. L. Martin.  He was promoted to Black Sash in 1977 and subsequently opened the Winged Dragon Branch of the International Federation of Chinese Martial Arts.  His martial arts training with Grandmaster Martin has afforded him the opportunity to study Chung Kuo Chuan Kuoshu and participate in Pai Hur Chuan Chi-Kung and has accompanied Grandmaster S. L. Martin to Taiwan on a cultural trip in 2004.  


He is a Senior Chief Petty Officer who retired from the U.S. Coast Guard with 27 years of distinguished active duty service in September 2002. He currently holds Master’s degrees in Healthcare Management, Business Administration, and Organizational Management and Development. Master Sheridan currently works as a Senior Management and Program Analyst for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and he and his family resides in Salisbury, Maryland.



Master Robert Hicks

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Robert L. Hicks Jr. is the head instructor of the STONE DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL. Master Hicks started his training in the martial arts in the 60's . He started his school in 1975 and has achieved master level Black Sash in CHING LUNG KUO-SU and Balck Belt in Okinawan Shorin - Ryu. He works as a New Jersey State Correctional Officer. He was an active competitor during the seventies 

and early eighties in U.M.A.R.A. and has accompanied Grandmaster S. L. Martin to Taiwan on a cultural trip in 1992.



Master Juan Navarro (Mangu Khan)

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Master Mangu Khan is a 7th Degree Black Sash.  He started training in 1962 in Connecticut under Master C. Lee.  From 1968 -1979 trained and studied under Master Griffin and Grand Master Daniel Pai.  He has also studied under Grandmaster Manuel Agrella.  From 1986 to present he has trained and studied under Grandmaster S.L. Martin.   He is the head instructor of the Ferocious Dragon School of Martial Arts located at the Police Athletic League Recreation Center at 5th and Allegheny in Philadelphia. He has accompanied Grandmaster S. L. Martin to Taiwan on a cultural trip in 1992. 



Master Damian Ciccariello (Yi, Guan Shu 观书)

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Master Damian Ciccariello has been studying the Martial Arts since 1979 and has achieved advanced rank in multiple Martial Arts styles.    He is a 5th Degree Master Level Black Sash in Ching Lung Kou Shu under Grandmaster SL Martin and has an IFCMA license granted by  Grandmaster as a teacher of Ching Lung Kou Shu.  

Additionally, Master Ciccariello has earned the following ranks:

·         Instructor Level in White Crane Chi Kung from SL Martin - November 2015

·         Sho Dan Ho in Kodenkan Jujitsu from Sensei Bruce Taylor - 2000

·         Cho Dan in Tang Soo Do from Master Ki Yun Yi  - 1998

·         Sho Dan in Nisei Goju Ryu from Sensei Tony Lingo  - 1987



Master Ciccariello trains at the International Federation of Chinese Martial Arts (IFCMA) Headquarters School.  He assists with teaching the Ching Lung Children's class and is a member of the Ching Lung Demo Team. 


Master Ciccariello has been recognized by the United Martial Arts Referees Association (UMARA) as an outstanding competitor in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring events.  He is a UMARA certified “A” Level Chief Referee and frequently referees at UMARA and IFCMA sanctioned martial arts tournaments.  Master Ciccariello is a recipient of the UMARA Judges Award in recognition of his commitment to sportsmanship within the Martial Arts.


Mr. Ciccariello has earned a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University and an MS in Management Information Systems from Villanova University.   He is a Senior Director at Glaxo SmithKline where he provides IT solutions in support of the Pharmaceuticals Research and Development business.



Master Safiya L. Baker (Wen, Su-Fei )

(1)IMG_2858.JPG (1348890 bytes)

Master Safiya L. Baker (Kennebrew) started the study of the Chinese Martial Arts in 2001 under the direction of Grandmaster S. L. Martin of the Green Dragon School of Chinese Martial Arts.

Master Baker is an active U.M.A.R.A. competitor with 5 Grand Champion awards.  Her winnings include Outstanding Under Black Belt Competitor for 2002 and Outstanding Adult Competitor for 2003 - 2005. For the 2006 U.M.A.R.A. league standings, Master Baker was the Triple Crown Winner for Advance Women in 2005 and 2006. She is also a member of the Green Dragons Exhibition Team.

Master Baker has made four trips to Taiwan. While in Taiwan, she participated in an intensive training in White Crane Chi Kung by the Honorable Grandmaster Wen Hsueh Hung. This training program was sponsored under the Taichung Martial Arts Association and White Crane Association of Central Taiwan.  In 2005, she trained with White Crane Chi Kung members visiting America. As a result of this cultural exchange, Master Baker, also a member or the Ching Lung International Demonstration team.

In 2006, Master Baker achieved 1st Degree Black Belt Certification in the International Federation of Chinese Martial Arts, the Ching Lung Kuoshu Style. Master Baker achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt Certification in 2009 and her 3rd Degree Black Belt Certification in 2011.  In 2010, she also achieved an advance degree in Pai Hur Chuan Chi-Kung - Internal White Crane Kung Fu. Master Baker currently assists the chief instructors of the Green Dragon School. She continues to pursue a healthy regimen of persistent study of the Chinese Martial Arts.  Master Baker is currently employed with the State of New Jersey – Office of the Attorney General - Juvenile Justice Commission as the Acting Manager of the Youth Services Commission Grant Management Unit.



Master Edward Dallas (Zhen, Er Wu 甄迩)

IMGP1156.JPG (2982162 bytes)

Sifu Dallas has trained under Grand Master S. L. Martin at the Headquarters School since 2000. Sifu Dallas was promoted to the rank of 1st degree black belt in 2009 and was promoted to 4th Degree Master Level in November 2018. Sifu Dallas has assisted with instruction of the children’s class. Has been a member of the Green Dragon demo team and Lion Dance Team. He traveled to Taiwan as a member of The Green Dragon International Demo Team.  Sifu Dallas has won multiple U.M.A.R.A Triple Crown awards, has been the I.F.C.M.A Outstanding Competitor, has been a Weapons Grand Champion, and has taken a number of gold and silver medals at The U.S Kou Shu Championships.

Mr. Dallas is owner of Edward J. Dallas Builder, an architectural restoration company. He has been married for 25 years, and has two children. Mr. Dallas has attended both Burlington county College and Pierce College of Los Angeles. Mr. Dallas has been active with the Boy Scouts, Special Olympics of New Jersey, Allentown Robotics Team 1807, and  other community and civic groups. He has served as both Deacon and Elder in his Church.



Master Devlin McConagly (Lin, Cai Ying )

devlinmcc.JPG (4144193 bytes)

Master Devlin McConagly began his martial arts training in 1990 at the age of 7 with Grand Master S.L. Martin and trained continuously for 11 years before leaving to attend college.  He returned to full time training in 2010 and was promoted to the rank of Black Belt in August of 2011.  Most recently, Master McConagly was promoted to the rank of 4th degree Master level in November 2018.  Master McConagly is an active member of the Green Dragon Demo Team and has joined the team on four trips to Taiwan in 1994, 1996, 2012 and 2014.

Master McConagly has been a triple crown UMARA competitor and honored as the adult competitor of the year for both UMARA and IFCMA in each full competition year since his return.  In 2015 Master McConagly was a member of the United States National Team for the 2015 World Kuo Shu Championships in Mendoza, Argentina.  Master McConagly earned gold medals in both light contact sparring and open weapons as well as a silver medal in southern long-fist forms; helping the US National Team take top honors in the overall competition.   Master McConagly holds the title of Assistant NJ Director for the United Martial Arts Referee’s Association and is a certified ‘A’ rated referee for UMARA and the United States Kuo Shu Federation.  Master McConagly was honored as the ‘A’ rated referee of the year in 2014 by UMARA.  Master McConagly is a member of the Green Dragon Martial Arts Lion Dance Demo Team and Exhibition Team.  He has made 6 cultural trips to Taiwan, R.O.C..

Professionally, Master McConagly holds the title of Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director and Chief Architect of 4 S Technologies, LLC.  A NJ based company specializing in software based solutions for the mortgage industry.



Sifu Stefano Cianelli (Yan, Si Fen )

IMG_5094.JPG (870783 bytes)

Sifu Cianelli is a twenty-year student of White Crane Chi Kung and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Sifu Cianelli has studied directly under the Grandmaster S. L. Martin and Master Judie Martin since 1996.   In 2010 he began studying Invincible White Crane under Master Judie Martin.  Sifu Cianelli is a member of the Green Dragon Demo Team and prestigious Green Dragon Chinese Martial Arts School International Exhibition Team.   He has accompanied Grandmaster Martin on eight trips to Taiwan, R.O.C.  In November 2007, he was promoted to Black Sash in the White Crane Chi Kung System of Taiwan, Republic of China, under the direction of Grandmaster S. L. Martin.   Mr. Cianelli is an instructor at the headquarters school and is the Chief Instructor of the Tsuru Ki Martial Arts School, a branch school of the IFCMA.  In November of 2016 he was promoted to Master Level (Dàshī) in the White Crane Chi Kung System of Taiwan, Republic of China, under the direction of Grandmaster S. L. Martin.  Mr. Cianelli is only the second person to ever reach this rank in this system under Grandmaster S. L. Martin.


Sifu Cianelli began his martial arts training in 1988 while attending Temple University.  He began his martial arts studies in Shotokan Karate under Master Teruyuki Okazaki (1988-1989).  In 1992, he began his study of GoJu Ryu  and has attained the rank of 6th degree. 


Sifu Cianelli is a graduate of Temple University School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  For the past 19 years he has been involved in design of power plants and substations.  Presently he is a Senior Program Manager where he directs the efforts of multi-disciplined engineering projects for various power utilities throughout the country.  He is a  member of the United Martial Arts Referees Association where he has been elected to the position of Recording Secretary.  In addition to this appointment, he is the official Webmaster for U.M.A.R.A. and the IFCMA, and is a certified Class “A” Referee.  He has been recognized as one of the outstanding martial arts competitors in U.M.A.R.A. for Forms, Weapons and Sparring 1996 to present. 




Sifu Gregory Taylor

greg.jpg (82160 bytes)

Mr. Taylor started study of White Crane Chi-Kung  in 1999 with Grandmaster Martin. He achieved the rank of instructor in 2013. In the course of his study, he has participated in numerous IFCMA tournaments and has won awards as the UMARA “Outstanding Competitor of the Year” in Weapons and Forms divisions.  

Mr. Taylor graduated from Trenton State College (now College of New Jersey) with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts and Special Education in 1981. He has been a secondary level teacher in the Ewing and Trenton public schools ever since. Most recently,in 2000 he completed a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership from the University of Phoenix and a second

master’s degree in Information Science from Drexel University in 2004. He is currently serving as a librarian/media specialist at Trenton Central High School.

During his educational career, Mr. Taylor has pursued a “parallel career” in the Emergency Services initially as a Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician during his time at Trenton State College. He has continued his education in Emergency Medical Services, earning certification as a  Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic in 1985, and has worked per-diem ever since at  Capital Health System in Mercer County.

He is also active on the local and council level with the Garden State Council of the Boy Scouts of America where he has facilitated numerous courses and experiences teaching leadership development, Scouting skills, Wilderness First Aid, and wilderness canoeing.




Sifu K. Sincere Harrison (Lóng, Chén Jìng 龍沉静)

IMG_0081.JPG (4171874 bytes)

K. Sincere Harrison, began studying Ching Lung Koushu as a Returning Dragon under Chief Instructor Master E. Hampton in 1998.  In 2006 Sincere was accepted as a Headquarters student training under the guidance of Grandmaster S.L. Martin and Master Judie Martin.


Sincere has been an active competitor in U.M.A.R.A. sanctioned tournaments garnering various Triple Crown awards in his division and class.  He has also been recognized as an Outstanding Competitor by the I.F.C.M.A.

He achieved one of his long desired goals and was accepted into the Instructor ranks in October of 2015.  In November 2019 he was promoted to 2nd Degree.

A graduate of Northeastern University (Boston, Ma) he is the Owner and President of Nutmeg Planners, LLC in Hartford, CT where he works to promote opportunities for Small, Minority and Women owned businesses in construction and related industries.

An active member of his community, he resides in CT with his wife of 18 years and is the proud father of four (4) children.




Sifu Vincent Tiu (Chang, I Hsiang 張一雄)

IMG_0040_edited-5.jpg (3926199 bytes)

Sifu Vincent Tiu started training under the tutelage of Master Edward Hampton (Returning Dragon) on November 12, 2002 in Hartford CT.  In 2006, he began training under the direction of GrandMaster S.L. Martin and Master Judie Martin at the Headquarters School in Wrightstown, NJ.

During his 13 years of training, Vincent Tiu has competed in tournaments on the east coast for 11 consecutive years.  From 2008 to 2015 he has been awarded and recognized by the United Martial Arts Referee Association (U.M.A.R.A) as “Outstanding Competitor of the Year” in weapons, form and sparring. He was also the U.M.A.R.A triple crown winner in the advanced men division in 2013.

On October 10, 2015 Vincent Tiu was promoted to first degree black belt (yee hei tie) by Grand Master S.L. Martin and Master Judie Martin.  In November 2019 he was promoted to 2nd Degree.


Sifu Vincent Tiu has an Associates degree in Science and Art. He has worked in the Service Industry for nineteen years and as a part time Web and Graphic Designer.  He has been married for thirteen years and has two children.  He volunteers as a Foundation Program Coordinator at Odiyana Buddhist Center a non profit organization in East Hartford CT.



Sifu Emily Curley.

emily.jpeg (398346 bytes)

Sifu Emily Curley began training in September 2008 as a child and was promoted to First Degree Black Sash in August 2022.  She is an active member of the Green Dragon Demonstration Team, Lion Dance Team, Exhibition Team, and has accompanied the school on one trip to Taiwan and Japan in July 2014. She has been a U.M.A.R.A. Triple Crown Winner, and continued to sharpen her skills internationally by competing in Germany in 2017.  Most recently, she was a representative for the United States in the World Kuoshu Championship Tournament in Rome, Italy 2022 winning one gold and two bronze medals, and this past July she won three gold medals in the United States National Kuoshu Championship in Hunt Valley, Maryland 2022.

 Professionally, she is currently attending Sarah Lawrence College to obtain her Master’s Degree in Fine Art.